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Zeenk Launches New Contribution Profit Analytics Product

New feature enables CEOs and brand managers to access critical business metrics in seconds across their channels

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BOSTON, MA, UNITED STATES, September 26, 2022 — CEOs and brand managers of DTC and e-commerce brands can now dramatically reduce the time and labor needed to analyze and report on profitability and their progress toward financial goals. That’s thanks to the new Contribution Profit Analytics product from Zeenk, a new e-commerce analytics solution. The new capability is available in Zeenk’s self-serve platform.

Before now, most executives had to use time-consuming spreadsheets in order to establish how well their DTC businesses were doing. Zeenk developed the new tool to handle those calculations for them, freeing business leaders to concentrate on the business itself. As the market shifts from growth to profitability, optimizing this metric has become even more important.

“Our company operates a unique logistics business that ships e-commerce products all over the world. So understanding exactly how much profit we’re making per customer and how our marketing creates a return on these metrics in different regions is very important to us,” said Stackry and Optima Overnight Founder and CEO Len Braudis. “Zeenk’s Contribution Profit Analytics product will provide the type of real-time analysis companies like ours need.”

The Contribution Profit Analytics product seamlessly integrates all necessary data from a customer’s sales channels and marketing channels into the Zeenk platform, providing a summary and drill-down capability to deliver end-to-end visibility of contribution profit by brand, including:

  • Interactive pivots for easy analysis of financials by organization, brand, product, and advertising channel
  • The ability to add custom formulas in the BI system to compute COGS, performance metrics, and progress to goals specific to each business
  • URL addressability for easy sharing of saved reports

These capabilities make the product uniquely interactive, and enable deep data exploration and self-serve reporting customization.

“In our work with our DTC and e-commerce customers we have seen C-level executives and brand managers create numerous spreadsheets, data studios, and other documents to capture and analyze the core information they need to run their business,” said Zeenk CEO Brian Eberman. “This includes tracking revenue, units, costs, and contribution profit by brand and product line, and tracking these to their financial goals. Zeenk’s new Contribution Profit Analytics capability streamlines this entire process, enabling brand managers to access their key metrics in seconds so they can spend more time growing their business. The business owners with whom we spoke wanted flexibility built into the product so they could dig into their data to surface the insights they need, in the way they want to see them.”

Zeenk’s analytics technology was developed from the technology of Nanigans, a top social media buying platform used by the largest direct response advertisers on Facebook. Zeenk has used the unique business intelligence technology from Nanigans to deliver a powerful no-code analytics platform for e-commerce brands.

The company officially launched out of stealth in early June, and is already supporting a growing number of DTC brands including Thrasio’s Angry Orange, California Beach Company, and Perfect Practice, in addition to a number of privately owned brands such as Haircraft and Stackry.

About Zeenk
Solve Today. Build your tomorrow. Zeenk provides DTC brands an e-commerce analytics solution that enables you to interactively explore your data to find the insights to scale your business. We gather the data from your e-commerce and marketing channels and streamline your reporting through a flexible analytical interface. More uniquely, we provide customer centric analytics helping you segment and engage with the right customers for your brand. Zeenk enables you to comprehend a broader set of attributes that drive customer value and empowers you to optimize your entire e-commerce strategy – advertising, retention, merchandising, messaging, etc – so you can grow your business and have a bright future.