Customer Centric Data Platform

Unique Data Science.

Powerful Causal Technology.

Configurable Reporting.

Visual image of points of light travel to represent data flowing

Zeenk’s analytics technology was developed by a leading social media buying platform that optimized over $700 million in Facebook media annually. The business intelligence embedded in that original software was paired with proprietary data science models designed to predict customer behavior and a uniquely configurable dashboard. The end result is Zeenk, the first customer centric analytics solution for DTCs, ecommerce brands and their agencies. Zeenk helps brands accurately predict customer lifetime value and optimize their campaigns against their best customers.

Data Connections

Zeenk’s API integrations enable us to seamlessly extract data from popular sales and marketing platforms like Shopify, Facebook, Google, TikTok, Klayvio and many more and load the information into our platform for reporting and analysis.

illustration of man in front of globe and accessing different data sources across the globe. Image represents Zeenk API integrations with platforms like shopify, facebook, google, klayvio

Advanced Data Science

We have deep data science experience building credible causal models for measurement and prediction. Our data scientists have spent over a year developing the proprietary data models that enable Zeenk to accurately forecast CLV, contribution profit, churn probability down to the customer, product, and channel.

Graphic depiction of rocket ship to represent Zeenk's unique data science models that enable brands to predict customer lifetime value to optimize their business against their best customers

Powerful Casual Modeling Technology

Zeenk’s unique software package pairs it’s Time Query Language (TQL) with Zeenk’s open source library, CausmosTM, to make it easy to do different standard causal analyses with just a change in parameters.

Schematic illustration of TQL inputs and outputs

Configurable Reporting And Analytics

Our customizable dashboard includes a unique interactive pivotable table feature. Select from hundreds of data attributes to simply drop into your report. Easily add and save custom computations to create unique metrics that reflect your business.

Illustrative interpretation of individuals configuring their analytics and insights.  Represents Zeenk's unique interactive pivot table for analytics