Zeenk Technology.

Developed by Leading Social Advertising Platform

Zeenk’s analytics technology was developed within the walls of Nanigans, a leading social media buying platform that optimized over $700 million in paid media for top direct response advertisers, annually. Nanigans’ advertising business was sold to Sprinklr in 2019. The business intelligence embedded in that original software was retained and after securing an investment from Thrasio the solution was re-imagined as Zeenk. Our solutions makes it faster and easier for brands to access the reporting and analytics they need to today optimize their marketing performance, but with the added ability to scale with the growth of their e-commerce business and deliver the predictive technology and data science they will need to address the more complex challenges of tomorrow.

Powerful Casual Modeling Technology

Zeenk’s unique software package pairs it’s Time Query Language (TQL) [Link to TQL page] with Zeenk’s open source library, CausmosTM, to make it easy to do different standard causal analyses with just a change in parameters.

Configurable Reporting and Analytics with Interactive Features

Our feature set is easy to use and enables brands to pivot on any data attribute. This enables you to create custom metrics that reflect your business today and also uniquely adapt and evolve your analytics package as your business grows and changes.