“Companies do not have the resources to pull the data and configure the information. Zeenk aims to support multiple channels and complex environments that make it difficult to make sense of the data.”

MediaPost June 2022

Visual of Zeenk's customer lifetime value chart. Illustrates our customer level CLV analysis and prediction 3, 6 and 12 months out

Customer Lifetime Value Measurement & Forecasts

What will your customers’ value be in 6 or 12 months, or over a year from now? Using powerful data science models and unique causal modeling technology, Zeenk accurately measures and forecasts customer-level lifetime value (CLV). Identify which of your customers will be the most profitable and continue to nurture the relationship or build models to duplicate.

CLV Analysis With Customer Attributes

What are the attributes of your best customers? Our CLV reports provide detailed information on the attributes of each of your customers, ex- first product purchased, last product purchased, ad channel, geo, etc. Optimize your audience targeting to reach more high value customers while avoiding potentially lower quality customers.

Customer lifetime value by customer attribute. Includes customer predicted value by product first purchase and recently purchased.
Zeenk customer lifetime value (CLV): Customer acquisition cost (CAC) ratio distribution chart. Illustrate the volume of customers that are forecasted to be profitable vs unprofitable

CLV:CAC Ratio Analysis

Which customers are on track to make you money, and which ones will lose your money? Our report shows the overall distribution of your customers based on their CLV versus CAC ratios so you can see who is profitable, who is not and who is at “breakeven.” Drill down to the customer-level and get key insights that you can leverage in your marketing campaigns to drive profitability.

Churn Probability And Retention Analysis

Which customers are more likely to stay and which are at risk of leaving? Zeenk analyzes the attributes of each customer to predict their churn probability. Connect these insights to your marketing programs to improve retention rates of your best customers.

Zeenk's Churn probability chart that predict the likelihood a user will remain a customer during specific time periods
Visual of Zeenk configurable dashboard

Centralized Reporting And Actionable Analytics

Centralize your e-commerce reporting and analytics from channels like Shopify, Facebook, TikTok, Google, Klayvio and more in Zeenk’s platform. Use our powerful customer centric data analytics to help your team find the answers they need and take action to optimize the performance of your marketing and advertising channels.

Product Profitability Analysis

Which of your brands and products are the most profitable? Our analysis measures and forecast the profitability and performance of each of your brands and products. See which of your products are driving CLV and contribution profit so you can adjust your portfolio’s offer, merchandising strategy, advertising, etc.

Zeenk creative reporting and analysis chart that include actual creative image. Includes performance of creative measured by sales, ROI, customer lifetime value (CLV), customer acquisition cost (CAC)
Attribution chart that restores conversion data lost to iOS privacy changes

Accurate Ad Tracking & Reporting

Which sales are attributable to your ad campaigns? Zeenk can help you restore the ad tracking lost by iOS recent changes. Connect your unattributed sales back to your marketing spend. Make more informed optimization decisions to improve CAC and the quality of new customers.

“Zeenk’s solution helps us better understand our unique customers and analyze their behavior in order make decisions to retain customers and drive additional revenue/profit.”

Image of Leo Carillo III, CEO and Co-founder of HairCraft
Leo Carillo III, CEO & Co-Founder, Hair Craft Co.