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“Many small companies do not have the resources to pull the data and configure the information. Zeenk aims to support small companies, multiple channels, and complex environments that make it difficult to make sense of the data.”

Your Ecommerce Analytics In One Place

See how your business is performing in an instant so you can effectively manage your cash flow. Zeenk gives you instant access to key financial metrics that matter including revenue, gross profit, spend, and acquisition costs by channel. See all your ecommerce analytics instantly so you can dig deeper and find insights to optimize each channel impacting your business performance.

Screenshot of Zeenk's Ecommerce Analytics Dashboard
Graph visual to show example of Zeenk's analytics capabilities

Customer Lifetime Value Analytics

Apple’s recent IOS changes have impacted leveraging key attributes like average order value (AOV), purchases volume & frequency. Zeenk will help you accurately measure and forecast customer-level lifetime value (CLV). We’ll help you integrate this information with your marketing programs so you can improve CLV and scale your ecommerce business.

Ecommerce Churn Rate Analytics

Use purchase behavior and other attributes to calculate customers’ churn rates. Zeenk will help you identify customers that may be at risk of leaving so you can connect them to your retention program. Zeenk provides recommendations based on your specific business model to engage and retain your best customers.

Visual representation of Churn analytics output provided by Zeenk
Visual representation of the actual revenue breakdown before and after using Zeenk's ad tracking and reporting

Ad Tracking & Reporting

Apple’s recent IOS changes have impacted brands’ ability to measure their customer acquisition channels, like Facebook. Zeenk can help you track back your unattributed sales to your marketing campaigns. With Zeenk make more informed optimization decisions, improve CLV, decrease CAC, and increase the quality of your prospects.

Creative Performance Analytics

Drill down into the performance of each of your creative assets. Zeenk makes it easy for you to test your messaging, promotions, pricing, and content. With Zeenk you can easily identify awhich creative is driving the best customers with the ability to drill down to performance by creative, audience, and by A/B test results.

Visual of Zeenk's interface for creative performance analytics